Amazing Rio Technology Team

The Rio School District employs nearly 500 people in one role or another. All working together to provide the best possible learning environments and opportunities to our more than 5000 students in grades TK-8. One amazing team of four people, Kathryn, Tony, Oscar, and Brian make up our technology team. Together they do an incredibly […]

Why we switched from Zimbra to Gmail

Our district’s transition to Google Apps for Education is now complete.  The pain of transitioning from Zimbra to Gmail has been more accute for some than others, but I firmly believe that in short order the potential in the Google for Education environment for our staff and students will diminish the tribulations of change.  I’ve been […]

Expectations – Jamie Casap

If you don’t read Jamie Casap’s blog, you’re missing alot.  Jamie is one of the most insightful and progressive thinkers about education around.  He works for Google as an Education Evangelist.  Read below his blog post about Low Expectation Syndrome, and vow never to perpetuate it or allow yourself to be a victim of it!  You […]