The Rio School District is seeking individuals who would like to be a member of our Bond Oversight Committee. You must reside in the district’s boundaries but you do not have to have a student registered in the district. The term lasts two years and there are approximately three 2 hour meetings per year.
The following categories that need to be filled are:
Active Member of a bona fide taxpayer’s organization
Active member of a senior citizens’ association
Parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the District who is an active member of a parent-teach organization (e.g., PTSA, booster club, or school site council)
Parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the District

If you are interested, please email Mary Orleans at
Thank you so much!

Rio School District thanks it community for passing Measure L which will allow classroom and school facility improvements. Measure L will help improve the quality of education with funding that cannot be taken by the state; make safety and security improvements; replace or renovate deterioring plumbing and inadequate electrical systems; upgrade outdated classrooms, restrooms and school facilities.

Since its beginnings as a one-room schoolhouse in 1885, the Rio School District has been the center of the community for all the families it has served. Today, the thriving District continues its tradition of caring for each student. The District strives to provide world-class education to its more than 5,000 students through five elementary schools, two K-8 school academy, and two middle schools.

Measure L Master Plan

Measure L general obligation (G.O.) bond program. The measure is intended to address the needs of the student population through new construction, modernization and renovation projects at the District’s elementary and middle schools.

Contractors – Senate Bill (SB) 854 Requires all Contractors and Subcontractors to register with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) for Any Public Works Related Project. Contractors Click Here for More Information.

Measure L Reports

Citizen's Oversight Committee Members

Rosa Balderramam, President
Christina Delgado, Secretary
Christopher Matas
Magdalena Solorzano
Fernando Torres
Larry Wolf

Citizen's Oversight Committee Agendas

School District Repairs Needed

School District Renovations

Measure L FAQ's

Measure L

The bond measure is subject to strict accountability requirements, including a public expenditure plan, independent annual audits and review of all spending by an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee. No money can be spent on administrator salaries, and all funds must be used locally to improve Rio Schools.

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