Explore Science in Hands-On Activities

The Summer Science Camp is a fun-filled three/four weeks in many scientific areas. We have a great staff of motivated teachers to excite the students about science. !

Our goal is to have students know what a scientist does. We want them to know that a scientist examines the physical world to learn more about how nature works. Scientists can do experiments or do theoretical calculations. Scientists can study many disciplines — like chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, and many more.

Our Summer Science Camp has many fun, hands-on activities for students in these scientific areas. Through the activities, students will learn fascinating things, improve observation skills, and build curiosity. The students make projects to take home and share with parents and siblings — so the entire family can enjoy the Science Summer Camp together!

Summer Science Camp is a wonderful opportunity for every child. It will help each child be more successful in school. It will set the foundation for high school and beyond.

Science Camp Goals

Build curiosity

Try something new – risk

Improve observation skills

Communicate clearly – describe what they see

Learn through fun

Focus on things kids want to learn rather than have to learn.

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