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GATE showcase 2020
Join us for a live, virtual GATE Showcase on June 4 from 5:30pm-7pm. Students from every Rio school will share their projects and answer questions.  Students this year attended one or two nine-week after school sessions at their school of choice. Rio GATE Virtual Showcase 2020
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Voice Rules
Speak to be understood. Speak to be believed. Although we speak often and hope we are being understood, the exercises provided in this video can help you speak more clearly, express emotion, improve your speaking endurance, and establish a tone that better conveys your message. These skills are useful in…
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Drama Rules
We are going to learn about the 4 basic rules of drama which include: Yes and, Show don’t tell, Be in the moment, and be Real. These 4 rules will help you with acting, improv and even giving a speech.
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3D Environments
Create a 3D paper environment. You can make a landscape, cityscape, seascape or any kind of environment you choose. Hope you enjoy this art Supply List: Paper Pencil Scissors Tape Markers (or crayons or colored pencils) Ruler (optional)
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Cactus Art
The cactus is an important plant to many cultures.  Do you know some of the uses of a cactus? Do you know the different parts of a cactus? What art can we make inspired by a cactus? Supply List: Paper Pencil Colored Pencils Crayons
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Notan the Art of Dark and Light
Notan is a Japanese term which literally means “light dark harmony”. Notan is a Japanese design concept that is interested in the use of light and dark colors/shapes, etc and looking at how these light/dark art elements interact with each other. Most of the “Notan” I have ever seen as an…
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