The Rio School District Governing Board recognizes the District has a primary responsibility for insuring that it complies with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing educational programs. Compliant with these laws, respect for students’ and employees’ rights to privacy is paramount. The Superintendent ensures there are designated district supervisory employees knowledgeable about laws and programs for which they are responsible who are designated to investigate concerns and complaints. In addition, in a dispute/complaint, the Board recognizes that a neutral mediator can often suggest an early solution that is acceptable to all parties. The Board has a multi-step resolution process which typically begins at the lowest level, usually the classroom or the school site.

Parent Concerns

If you have a concern/complaint or would like more information, please contact the office of the District Hearing Officer; Assistant Superintendent, Oscar Hernandez at (805) 485-3111.

District Complaint Form: English | Spanish

Uniform Complaint Procedures: Regulation 1312.3Policy 1312.3

Uniform Complaint Procedure Notice: EnglishSpanish

Nondiscrimination/Harassment: Regulation 5145.3 | Policy 5145.3

Nondiscrimination/Harassment Complaint Reporting Form: EnglishSpanish

Rio Williams Notice: English | Spanish

Williams Uniform Complaint Form: English | Spanish

Instructional Materials Adopted Materials List 2021

Title IX

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