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<a href="https://bit.ly/rioremote">NEW: Rio Online Teaching Resources </a>

NEW: Rio Online Teaching Resources

Learn how to transition to online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find the best tools, free resources and inspiration from our community.

<a href="https://bit.ly/rioteachnow">Rio Curriculum</a>

Rio Curriculum

Rio teachers can find instructional resources here for ELA, math, science, social studies, art, PE, ELD and interdisciplinary lesson design. Included: curated lists of "best" tools, open-source curriculum, unit plans, lesson ideas, recommended reading, standards and frameworks. Constantly updated by Rio teachers for Rio teachers.

<a href=" https://sites.google.com/rioschools.org/assessments/caaspp">Rio Assessments</a>

Rio Assessments

This is your one-stop-shop for accessing assessments, instructions, calendars, resources, and additional information. New resources and updates will be posted periodically throughout the year.

<a href="http://rioschools.org/teachers/bridges-in-mathematics/">Bridges In Mathematics</a>

Bridges In Mathematics

Students in a Bridges talk about math, describe observations, explain methods, and ask questions. They are encouraged to find multiple ways to solve problems and show different ways of thinking.

<a href="http://www.rioschools.org/teachers/ibid/">IBID</a>


IBID stands for “Inquiry-Based Instructional Designers.” In the summer of 2013, Dr. Puglisi, Dr. Beth Yeager, Dr. Faviana Hirsch-Dubin and a small group of teachers hatched the idea of a professional learning community based on inquiry-based teaching and learning.

<a href="http://www.rioschools.org/teachers/paddle/">Rio P.A.D.D.L.E.</a>

Rio P.A.D.D.L.E.

Rio P.A.D.D.L.E. (Personal And District Digital Learning Environment) is a district-wide, gamified professional development model. Teachers complete tasks in the areas of tech tools, PD/PLN, and pedagogy and submit their evidence of completion.

<a href="http://rioschools.org/partnerships/">Partners</a>


Partnerships contribute greatly to the lives and learning of students and families in the Rio School District. The Rio School District prides itself on working well with others as we engage in inter-agency and inter-organizational activities and projects.

<a href="https://www.edutopia.org/article/growth-mindset-resources">Growth Mindset</a>

Growth Mindset

Find information about growth mindset, discover how learning mindsets can affect student performance, and explore strategies that support student confidence.

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