Rio School District – Board of Trustees

  • Linda Armas - Board President




    ABOUT ME: 

    TERM: December 2022

  • Eleanor Torres - Board Clerk

    Eleanor Torres - Final - 01-11-16CONTACT:

    ABOUT ME:  Five years ago when the people within our community elected me to the position of Trustee for the Rio School District, I promised that I would do all within that honor to try to change the culture and direction the district was in at that time. I did not then, nor  do I now, take this responsibility lightly.

    As an elected official, board members continually carry their elected status with them wherever they go. Whether in the boardroom, out in the community or at home, board members are always trustees for the district. The integrity of the school district’s educational program is dependent upon the responsible and professional manner in which each board member, and the board collectively, fulfill governance roles and responsibilities.

    It is my responsibility along with the other board members to fulfill areas in setting direction, human resource, policies, student learning and achievement, finance, facilities, judicial appeals, collective bargaining, and community relations and advocacy.

    I will continue to do my part as a Trustee to help guide this district and to prepare our children for the future. I will continue to focus on goals linked to student achievement. This means paying attention to current issues while planning for the future. It means making sure needed resources and support are in place to get the job done, and creating the conditions under which excellent teaching and student performance will take place.

    TERM: December 2022

  • Joe Esquivel - Trustee



    CAREER:  Currently:  Facilities Supervisor- Ventura County Community College District
    EDUCATION:  Bachelors in Business Administration, Masters Certificate in Project Management

    ABOUT ME:  This is my second opportunity to serve as a provisional board member. I am a lifelong resident of the community and a product of the RSD school system where I attended Rio Plaza and Rio Del Valle in the late 80’s before moving onto Rio Mesa High School.  Being born and raised in El Rio, I have strong sense of pride to give back the community that I so truly love. I have been contributing to my community for over the last 30 years in various capacities, where I coached Little League, Bobby Sox, ASA Fast Pitch Softball and at Rio Mesa High..

    Being a father of child whose second language is English is challenging and I can empathize with any parent who wants to see their child succeed and become a greater individual than themselves in hopes of having doors of opportunities open for them in the future. Our community as small as it may be has a very diverse population and I am prepared to help make a difference where I can.

    As a board member I have many goals as do our other trustees and we must work in a collaborative effort to achieve these goals. In addition, we need to give our support to our Superintendent, his Cabinet and our superb teachers and classified staff with an open mind. One of my goals is to make sure that all the children within our District are provided with a safe learning environment and provide the highest quality of education possible. Secondly, I want to take this opportunity to work with the board, understand my role and help to provide the vision, advocacy, leadership and financial responsibility and accountability in a respectful manner to all.

    In my opinion the primary goal of a school board is, helping students, their parents and teachers to increase student achievements inside and outside of the classroom and I will give it my all to help achieve these goals.

    I look forward to continue to serve my community and welcome to hear from you with suggestions or comments in improving our district as we move forward.

    TERM:  December 2020

  • Felix Eisenhauer DMA - Trustee

    CONTACT: feisenhauer@rioschools.orgLifetouch Photography © 2016

    CAREER:  Current: He is the Minister of Music at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Ventura, teaches private piano lessons, and is an accompanist at Ventura College and for the Oxnard-based Pacific Chamber Singers.

    EDUCATION: Bachelor and Master Degrees from the University of Southern California; Doctor of Musical Arts in piano collaboration at UCSB

    ABOUT ME: Felix Eisenhauer earned his Doctor of Musical Arts in piano collaboration at UCSB.  He is the Minister of Music at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Ventura, teaches private piano lessons, and is an accompanist at Ventura College and for the Oxnard-based Pacific Chamber Singers. Locally, he has also accompanied for Westmont College, Santa Barbara City College, UCSB, and Opera Santa Barbara. Before moving back to Southern California, Felix lived in Boise, Idaho for three years. During his time there, he played for Opera Idaho, Musical Theatre of Idaho, Ballet Idaho, and Touring Broadway’s Wicked, among others, and taught privately and at the College of Western Idaho. Felix received his Bachelor and Master Degrees from the University of Southern California and continues his musical training with Dr. Joel Ewing on piano and Dr. Thomas Joyce on organ. You can learn more about him at

    TERM: December 2020

  • Edith Martinez-Cortes - Trustee


    CAREER: K-12 School Counselor

    EDUCATION: BA in Sociology from The University of California, Riverside. MS in School Counseling from The University of La Verne.

    ABOUT ME: I was born in Oxnard and like many of the Rio students, I have the honor of coming from a family of farm workers and I am also the first in my family to go to college. Growing up, I was considered a Migrant Student and because of that I had the privilege of getting to participate in many educational programs which my family took advantage of and I believe that it was those educational opportunities that got me to be where I am today. It was because of the passionate and caring educators that helped guide me along my educational journey that I was able to visualize myself as a career woman and pursue a higher education for myself and to help inspire future generations. One of my goals as a Board Member is to help create safe learning environments for the diverse student population of Rio so that all of our students have a sense of belonging and can be inspired to reach their full potential.

    As a Board Member for the Rio School District and High School Counselor, my priority is to make sure that our youth become College and Career Ready. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to ensure that all of the Rio students leave our district prepared and with the tools that they need to succeed academically and personally; it is a huge task and it could not be done without the caring faculty and staff of Rio. It is truly a pleasure to be working alongside such a great team of administrators, counselors, teachers and classified staff. My hope is to support and advocate for the Rio team in my position as Board Member in anything and everything that I can; from student learning and achievement and establishing policies to business and fiscal services.

    I am happy to communicate on how we can work together to improve the Rio School District.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at the email listed above.

    TERM: December 2022