Rio School District – Board of Trustees

  • Cassandra Bautista - Board President


    CAREER: Education (Administrator, Teacher)

    EDUCATION: Master of Arts, Educational Administration, CSU Northridge; Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts, California Lutheran University

    ABOUT ME: I am a life-long resident of El Rio. My husband, Ray and I attended Rio schools, as did our five children. I have six amazing grandchildren. I was a Rio principal and teacher for 22 years before being recruited by the Santa Barbara County Education Office, where I currently serve as the Director of Leadership and Program Support.

    I am committed to academic excellence and equity for all students, collaborative problem-solving, fiscal responsibility and transparency, and being an active and engaged participant within our district and community.

    TERM:  December 2024

  • Eleanor Torres - Board Clerk

    Eleanor Torres - Final - 01-11-16CONTACT:

    ABOUT ME:  Five years ago when the people within our community elected me to the position of Trustee for the Rio School District, I promised that I would do all within that honor to try to change the culture and direction the district was in at that time. I did not then, nor  do I now, take this responsibility lightly.

    As an elected official, board members continually carry their elected status with them wherever they go. Whether in the boardroom, out in the community or at home, board members are always trustees for the district. The integrity of the school district’s educational program is dependent upon the responsible and professional manner in which each board member, and the board collectively, fulfill governance roles and responsibilities.

    It is my responsibility along with the other board members to fulfill areas in setting direction, human resource, policies, student learning and achievement, finance, facilities, judicial appeals, collective bargaining, and community relations and advocacy.

    I will continue to do my part as a Trustee to help guide this district and to prepare our children for the future. I will continue to focus on goals linked to student achievement. This means paying attention to current issues while planning for the future. It means making sure needed resources and support are in place to get the job done, and creating the conditions under which excellent teaching and student performance will take place.

    TERM: December 2022

  • Linda Armas - Trustee




    ABOUT ME: 

    TERM: December 2022

  • Edith Martinez-Cortes - Trustee


    CAREER: K-12 School Counselor

    EDUCATION: BA in Sociology from The University of California, Riverside. MS in School Counseling from The University of La Verne.

    ABOUT ME: I was born in Oxnard and like many of the Rio students, I have the honor of coming from a family of farm workers and I am also the first in my family to go to college. Growing up, I was considered a Migrant Student and because of that I had the privilege of getting to participate in many educational programs which my family took advantage of and I believe that it was those educational opportunities that got me to be where I am today. It was because of the passionate and caring educators that helped guide me along my educational journey that I was able to visualize myself as a career woman and pursue a higher education for myself and to help inspire future generations. One of my goals as a Board Member is to help create safe learning environments for the diverse student population of Rio so that all of our students have a sense of belonging and can be inspired to reach their full potential.

    As a Board Member for the Rio School District and High School Counselor, my priority is to make sure that our youth become College and Career Ready. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to ensure that all of the Rio students leave our district prepared and with the tools that they need to succeed academically and personally; it is a huge task and it could not be done without the caring faculty and staff of Rio. It is truly a pleasure to be working alongside such a great team of administrators, counselors, teachers and classified staff. My hope is to support and advocate for the Rio team in my position as Board Member in anything and everything that I can; from student learning and achievement and establishing policies to business and fiscal services.

    I am happy to communicate on how we can work together to improve the Rio School District.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at the email listed above.

    TERM: December 2022

  • Kristine Anderson - Trustee


    CAREER: I am a lawyer practicing in the areas of estate planning, probate, and trust administration.

    EDUCATION: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona (1993) and a Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego (1996).

    ABOUT ME: When my children attended the Dual Immersion Program at Rio Real, I volunteered with the School Site Council, PTA, and the Parent Advisory Committee as well as in the classroom. As a parent volunteer, I was passionate about helping all children learn and supporting Rio’s dedicated teachers. In my role on the school board, I want to continue to be a voice for students, teachers, and parents. As a lawyer and parent volunteer, I have the skills and knowledge to listen and collaborate with all the stakeholders to make difficult decisions in the coming years that will keep the students and the District moving forward. In my free time, I volunteer at the Camarillo Health Care District’s estate planning clinic. I also enjoy reading, tennis, and hiking.

    TERM: December 2024