Vision Statement

The Rio School District and community empower students to achieve their full potential in our community, our American democracy and our diverse and changing world.

Mission Statement

Rio School District aims to provide safe learning environments that support every child developing and learning to their fullest potential.


  1. Provide safe learning and work environments for all children, staff, parents and overall community by providing a common language and organizational structure to advocate and address safety, inclusion and equity to leverage the positive value of differences in our schools and communities.
  2. Engage every child in active and meaningful learning by providing the highest quality learning environments that are relevant, rigorous and responsive to support every child developing and learning to their fullest potential.
  3. Support healthy personal and social development in every child by building a wide range of experiences and diverse knowledge in all schools.
  4. Foster high levels of engagement of language and literacy development by engaging in rich, developmentally appropriate learning experiences that improve every child’s learning over time.
  5. Develop student capacity for empathy and kindness; to understand multiple perspectives so they can respect all cultures and people through their words and actions.
  6. Provide a welcoming environment for parents, inviting them to participate as equal partners in the education of their children; engage parents in opportunities to acquire necessary information, knowledge, and skills to support their children’s education at home and at school.
  7. Support strong family, community, and school partnerships by understanding and integrating their cultural and linguistic assets into our diverse school communities.
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