At the Rio School District we teach students to be creative, to share ideas courageously, pursue new paths in thinking, refine prototypes, and design innovative solutions.

cre·a·tiv·i·ty :
  • noun the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
What outcomes do we expect to see and hear from our students in the area of Creativity?

Creativity can be shown through inter-disciplinary collaboration.

image – Amber Lakin

Showing and demonstrating different and creative ways to solve a problem.

D2BCD108-FBCC-4B56-BA50-DC4DEA00A52D – Olga Velasco

I expect to hear students asking for materials to create with and out of the box ideas!

IMG_20180816_111916658 – Augustine Garcia

See students dive into their projects with unhindered passion, imagination, and creativity!

IMG_9311 – Kimberly Landberg (1)

Problem solver , collaborate , communicate

20180816_101501 – Rebecca Bautista

Perseverance, uniqueness, choice, imagination, creation.

IMG_1176 – Leigh Watson


EE50FFBE-6895-4B22-BDD5-ED782588CE8D – Shaylee Mix

No restraints

IMG_20180816_111916658 – Augustine Garcia (1)

No Limitations

image – Robert Guynn

New and innovative ideas where everyone gets a voice and choice

6018DAE2-0ACA-4977-9E29-40B400F92627 – Marcy Lewis-Abriol

Must help identity student strengths and help them make their weaknesses strong.

15344407965788750020195913481510 – Mr. Koga

Multiple solutions both inside and outside of the box to problems presented to them.

94ED2477-679A-47AA-B6B3-00EB667194BD – Courtney Downing

Inventing, designing, creating, out of box thinking

2AAB4F6F-DE9A-4A1D-B875-0B4F03AC33CA – Irene Toribio


1534439609035743642430208937368 – Katherine Muller

I expect students to give their best effort. Talk to each other, share, be respectful and work together

image – Tony Ostrowski

Having a different perspective (thinking outside of the box). Not being afraid to try something new or different!

E12994F6-D20E-4ACB-9390-84D7C992C687 – Kylie Francis

Finding multiple ways to approach problems by thinking creatively.

1AC34049-8AF7-44F1-9294-D8D3E48DE4C3 – Jillian Ackerman

Everyone is creative in their own way, there is no right way.

2897614E-30CF-46CF-87FD-7D854A331305 – Veronica Rauschenberger

Every child participating and willing to try.

1D3760C3-5A13-48B4-8F0A-9F1EEEADE226 – Teresa Ivey

Even though you believe you are not creative you can find your own creativity. There is no right way!

image – Heather Knauer

Creativity is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

image – Amanda Parisi

Collaborating, problem solving, sharing ideas, complimenting, compromising

14069FF3-317B-4F86-B80F-DB57ADD0F8B6 – Leann Olsen

Art, self strengths, uniqueness, no restraints, emotion, exploration, failure, success, communication, creativity, critical thought, support

2D826856-E951-4B02-9792-1BB0DB384A45 – David Romano
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