At the Rio School District we teach students to take care of themselves, other people, and the environment, so that we can make a positive impact as guardians of our schools, our community, our global community and our future.
car·ing :
  • adjective – displaying kindness and concern for others. “a caring and invaluable friend”
What outcomes do we expect to see and hear from our students in the area of Caring?


IMG_4654 – Rosa Navarro-Herrejon

Empathy, consoling friends, advocating for friends.

IMG_4554 – Lianna Moa

Helping one another, sharing, and being respectful to one another.

IMG_1177 – Leigh Watson

Teaching with a heart ❤️

image – Yesenia Viera

Advocating for each other, empathy, friendship, respect

image – Victor Anaya

Compassion, empathy and kind words

image – Tony Ostrowski

Be respectful and use kind words with one another.

image – Melinda Zeman

Students should be empathetic, respectful & helpful to others.

image – Max Martinez

Helping one another

image – Heather Knauer(1)

Caring tree with branches of compassion

image – Heather Knauer

Sympathy, empathy and assistance for other.

image – David Romano

Words of encouragement, demonstrate empathy

image – Amber Lakin

Compassion appreciation respect empathy

image – Amanda Parisi

Welcoming, loving, inclusive, nurturing to all!

image – Adam Erickson

I want to hear that the students help each other and build each other up instead of putting each other down.

E0D03A3D-FF9A-48A9-A763-606BD1F3EFD4 – Vanessa Salas

Respecting others thoughts, opinions and different ways of being.

D8266B10-D60A-4195-B0E7-CD7F80DED997 – Erin Tillman

Willingness to contribute to their community

D932FD92-CC38-4419-81C7-7BFF9D86DFF4 – Crystal Calafati

To be compassionate and respectful of others’ feelings

D30E251F-57CC-496D-B010-6521602B91F4 – Natacha Sanchez

Open heart and open mind

CEEFF86A-E544-4661-85A9-CE4065B4B8D3 – Alexandra Gabriel

We want the kids to be compassionate towards each other and genuinely care about others.

CED21E44-54EF-4499-A0DA-6A66A9ECD6EA – Olga Velasco

Noticing when someone needs help.

C4520688-9F91-4AC3-9CB0-FE78F438B4B7 – Sylvia Contreras

Showing empathy for others.

B2C99E4F-1A2E-4CC5-9F27-11CD7BC8614F – Jillian Ackerman

Welcoming, loving, inclusive, nurturing to all!

A0622A49-080E-4E58-A111-0B116755AA19 – Irene Toribio
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