Tiffany Morse, Ph.D

Assistant Superintendent of School and Systems Improvement

The Human Resources Division Belief Statement

“We believe we must attract and retain competent and qualified personnel who believe in the importance of relationships and his/her correlation with student achievement”

Mission Statement

The mission of the division is to attract, train, and retain personnel who are committed to excellence and who understand the importance of providing enduring knowledge that will allow students to evolve into lifelong learners who will make positive contributions to society.


The human resources division provides service in the areas of teacher credentialing, recruitment of certificated and classified personnel, staffing, continued monitoring of teacher quality in relation to No Child Left Behind, employee orientation, training, employer-employee relations, and employee evaluation.  The division places an emphasis on supporting school sites to accomplish their student achievement goals and school plan objectives by matching resources with individual site needs. Customer service that that promotes a caring, responsive, accurate and efficient environment is integrated within our day-to day operations.

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