The mission of the Business Department is to support student learning through the efficient and effective delivery of high quality financial services and to ensure sound fiscal management of the school district in a customer friendly manner.

Though most of the department’s activities occur behind the scenes, they are essential to the seamless delivery of classroom instruction.

  • Prepare and monitor the District’s annual operating budget
  • Provide financial oversight for the District’s categorical programs
  • Advise the Superintendent and Board on financial matters and provide assistance to school sites and departments for budgeting and accounting
  • Submit financial reports to Federal, State and local entities
  • Monitor the financial health of the District, specifically cash flow and fund balances
  • Pay long-term indebtedness (bonds, Certificates of Participation)
  • Support the facilities department in securing funding for new facilities and for facility improvement and modernization projects.
  • Administer payroll and health and welfare benefits for employees and retirees
  • Oversee the employee Section 125 plan and optional employee investment and insurance plans
  • Manage the Workers’ Compensation program
  • Administer the District’s insurance programs, including property, liability, vehicle coverage
  • Assist campuses and departments in the purchase of supplies, services and equipment
  • Manage the accounts payable and accounts receivables functions
  • Oversee the Associated Student Body accounting system
  • Report student attendance accounting to the State
  • Maintain warehouse inventory and delivery of warehoused items

Business Services

Business Services Information


The IRS mileage rate will be 67 cents per miles.

Developer fees will be:
Residential – $3.40/sq. ft.  (NEW HOMES and ADD-ONs, REMODELS)
Commercial – $.55/sq. ft.  (COMMERCIAL)
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