Business Services Oversight

The Business Services Department provides sound fiscal management of the District funds so that all possible resources are available to promote the educational goals of Rio School District. The department develops, monitors, and reports the financial direction and transactions of the District. Department responsibilities include:

  • Accurate accounting records of all revenues and expenditures
  • Budgetary controls and oversight
  • Financial reporting to local, state and federal entities
  • Timely and accurate payment of all employees and vendors
  • Supply up-to-date information on Employee Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Provide assistance to school sites and program managers in the areas of budget and accounting

Business Department Staff

Wael Saleh, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2130;

  • District Budget Administration
  • Business Office
  • Facilities, Maintenance, Operations & Grounds
  • Employee Benefits
  • Risk Management
  • Accounts Receivables/Payables
  • Purchasing and Warehouse
  • Food Service
  • Transportation
Wael Saleh

Wael Saleh

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Mary Orleans, Administrative Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2130;

  • Provides Secretarial and Clerical Support for the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
  • Organizes Office Activities
  • Checks Reports, Data, and Records for Accuracy
  • Prepares Agenda Items for Board Presentations
  • Maintains Calendar for Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Mary Orleans

Mary Orleans

Administrative Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Celeste Purdue, Director of Fiscal Services

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2105;

  • Principal Accountant
  • Budgets, Cash Flows, and Reports
  • Regulations and Audit support
  • Facilities Reporting
  • Budget Allocations.
  • Site and department assistance with monthly budget reports
  • Supervisor of Accounting, Payroll, Employee Benefits, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Risk Management
Celeste Perdue

Celeste Perdue

Director of Fiscal Services

Diane Medina, Purchasing Assistant

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2109;

  • Procurement Services
  • Property losses, damages, claims
  • Service Contracts
  • Field Trip Requests
  • Print Shop Technician
Diane Medina

Diane Medina

Purchasing Assistant

Sarah Vazquez, Account Clerk III

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2108;

  • Certificated Payroll
  • Classified Payroll
  • Sub Processing
  • Leave Accounting
  • Deposits
Sarah Vazquez

Sarah Vazquez

Account Clerk III-Payroll

Elva Yurof, Account Clerk III

(805) 485-3111 ext. 2106;

  • Accounts Payable
  • ASB Accounting
Elva Yurof

Elva Yurof

Account Clerk III

Lynette Kuchta, Senior Account Specialist

(805) 485-3111;

Lynette Kuchta

Lynette Kuchta

Senior Accounting Specialist

Naomi Amparan, Account Clerk I/ASB

(805) 485-3111;

Naomi Amparan

Naomi Amparan

Account Clerk I/ASB

Heather Pena, Account Clerk I/ASB

(805) 485-3111;

Heather Pena

Heather Pena

Account Clerk I/ASB