At the Rio School District we teach students to communicate, to share ideas clearly and constructively, consider other ideas and perspectives, and seek mutual understanding.

com·mu·ni·ca·tion :
  • noun – the imparting or exchanging of information or news. “direct communication between the two countries will produce greater understanding”
What outcomes do we expect to see and hear from our students in the area of Communication?

Respectful interactions, listening, agree to to disagree, eye contact, focus, stay on task, body language, open to different ideas, effective use of tools that enable communication

image – Robert Guynn

Talking, speaking, listening, signing, texting, computering, interacting.

image – Elizabeth Clayton Bennett

Students to be effective communicators through active listening and speaking.

65AEA9B7-3518-41E2-97EA-9257E396BB43 – Shaylee Mix

Turn taking, accountable talk, speaking clearly, giving and taking the floor, academic vs informal language, explaining thinking, reasoning, listening, wait time

1AAF433F-6394-4867-9701-CEF1C531C8C4 – Kylie Francis

Albeit communication has an evolving definition and expectation across generations, students are expected to demonstrate eye contact while being ready and able to ask informed questions regarding the subject at hand.

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Students will communicate their thoughts verbally, non verbally, and through writing . This can be accomplished with paper and pencil or technology.

15344399311891346535626 – Rizza Husband

Students who actively listen and respond appropriately. Students who communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally!

C6C111A3-BD4C-4A05-957F-C2E0B905814F – Amber Lakin

I expect students to share ideas in a respectful way using their five senses appropriately.

6BC09C11-5673-427C-9B86-D715E7B84FEC – Adam Erickson

“To be able to write clearly Make arguments Site evidence “

image – maria ante

Students being fair, encouraging and respectful.

CAFD02B9-D488-4FBD-9102-D2E4E3A0C26E – Courtney Downing

We expect our students to be able to write clearly with a command of academic language and standard grammar. We also expect them to be able make an argument and cite evidence.

CB6515E3-9328-4D60-B771-754C00E44E13 – Michelle Geair

Teamwork, listening, cooperation, confidence,

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Explaining their thinking clearly and effectively to resolve problems, express ideas and collaborate cooperatively. Also, communicating when using global technology.

Communication – Leigh Watson

Listening and speaking skills, academic language, body language, turn taking

image – Lottie Patten

Talking and active listening. Using sentence starters and word banks for assistance. High receptivity to others ideas!

36C1968E-634B-4C80-A91C-6CC61A0EE073 – Vanessa Salas

We hear all voices participating and contributing equally. Students can communicate using various multimedia methods.

15344426458171776179612 – Augustine Garcia

Students should be respectful while they listen to someone speak.

image – Lianna Moa

Respectful exchange of ideas

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Clearly state your ideas and opinions and actively listen to others

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Respectful, taking turns, self-advocacy, whole body listening, open-minded

image – Matthew Bovenzi

Clear, organized thoughts and ideas presented in a variety of formats.

E49F5689-62BC-4E99-849A-07467DB10E18 – Amanda Bruski

Ss talking to each other and others.

image – Victor Anaya

Students should be able to use academic language and communicate their ideas with each other.

7474E125-814B-4A50-80A7-35F276C82CBD – Jillian Ackerman
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