At the Rio School District we teach students to collaborate, to work together constructively, reflect on different perspectives, build on the ideas of others, and take the responsibility for my team and myself.

col·lab·o·ra·tion :
  • noun – the action of working with someone to produce or create something. “he wrote a song in collaboration with John”
What outcomes do we expect to see and hear from our students in the area of Collaboration?

Talking, planning, interpretation, time management, engagement, equal voice and contribution.

4EC0C49F-52AA-4707-9CB6-DF560F0F963D – Tracey Pearson

Talking respectfully and everyone contributing

16EE944C-C8B9-4AB0-BB9F-339E3030CB0E – Kim Fairchild

Active listeners, shared responsibility, active participation , productive conversation

B9023D1C-A1D1-4F32-84CF-4420474EF0B1 – Maria Gonzales

Talking, sharing responsibilities, teamwork,

AB0E3106-C7EB-426D-93E0-F26675017D6B – Crystal Calafati

I expect them to talk to each other respectfully.

20180816_102902 – Rebecca Bautista

Taking on different roles to work together towards a common goal.

IMG_4652 – Rosa Navarro-Herrejon

Being accepting of others opinions, participating in group discussions, and being open-minded.

15344414230325374947543679592317 – Faye Vea

Open mindset, listen, participation, everyone pitches in and does their part, make time, dependability

15344414563621654032125 – Rizza Husband

When you collaborate, every student brings something different to the table to create something incredible!

9E5B4167-ECF7-461C-9537-E54DAED6DA23 – Jillian Ackerman

Everyone contributing something, working together with a common goal.

C65C17C3-639B-4838-A60E-7D8B6C1ADE4B – Kylie Francis

Cooperative groups, everyone participates across multiple subjects and media. Appropriate speaking and listening skills.

image – Robert Guynn

They get show case their individual strengths & solves problems together.

image – Amanda Parisi

Students should be able to work together as a team and work on interpersonal skills to achieve a common goal.

15344417273526411005636716537545 – Nicole Quijano

We want to see students working togething respecting each other, participating, listening to others , and giving everyone the opportunity to participate.

image – Max Martinez

Students listening, sharing ideas, accepting different views, and learning from others, working together towards a common goal

10F9B5A7-6B08-4C75-8858-5C84F74BF304 – Teresa Ivey

“Share Listen”

image – Lottie Patten(1)

Students sharing ideas and communicating to achieve common goals and shared visions

5A7C2911-F9C6-4F39-A96F-6BCF65E1D8D3 – Katie Auerbach

Students working together on a common goal.

image – Megan Vargas

Working together, turn taking, respect

image – Lottie Patten

Everybody having a role

image – Yesenia Viera

Students become teachers. Students with strengths fill the gaps for students with weaknesses.

356939F3-1B58-48CC-8E16-FDD08ED7C9CE – Courtney Downing

Communication, common goal, shared vision, working together,

1534441466958-1977127863 – Augustine Garcia

Ideas to be shared with multiple people.

image – Tony Ostrowski
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