Educational Services Staff

Oscar Hernandez, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services
(805) 485-3111 ext. 2131;
  • Kindergarten through 8th-grade curriculum and instructional programs
  • Federal Projects
  • Health Services
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Gifted and Talented Education
  • Technology
  • Translation
  • Printing Services
  • Pupil Personnel Services, including Special Education
  • Office of Student and Family Services
Oscar Hernandez

Oscar Hernandez

Assistant Superintendent Educational Services

Lucy Arceo, Admin. Secretary I
(805) 485-3111 ext. 2118

  • Administrative support
Lucy Arceo

Lucy Arceo

Admin. Secretary I

Maria Rivera, Clerical Support Specialist
(805) 485-3111 ext. 2132

Maria Rivera

Maria Rivera

Clerical Support Specialist

Elena Ramirez, Student Data Systems Specialist
(805) 485-3111 ext. 2119

  • Student information data and support
  • Student achievement
  • District programs data and research
  • Districtwide resource person
Elena Ramirez

Elena Ramirez

Student Data Systems Specialist

Eve Acosta, Student Analyst
(805) 485-3111 ext. 2120

Eve Acosta

Eve Acosta

Student Analyst

Betsy Pegler, Coordinator of Special Projects
(805) 485-3111 ext. 2121

Betsy Pegler

Betsy Pegler

Coordinator of Special Projects

Sara Juarez, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
(805) 485-3111 ext. 2123

Sara Juarez

Sara Juarez

Teacher on Special Assignment