Geometric Snowflake
This art project provides a great opportunity for students to review and be imaginative with geometric shapes. Students can also be acquainted with symmetry through this snowflake design.  The variety of snowflakes created by students is quite lovely! Supply List: Colored Paper (blues & purples) White and black paper Glue
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Leaf Printing
This art lesson uses just three supplies to create a colorful piece of artwork.  By using leaves from outside your classroom, playground or home, students can create a leaf print artwork.  We collect different leaves and paint them to create a stamp that you can press onto your colored paper.…
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Yarn Painting
This art lesson uses just a few supplies to create a master piece.  By using yarn, students can create an ‘yarn painting’ art piece.  We use a leaf that you can find in your playground or yard but you can use any shape you wish. Use you imagination and use…
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2019 Rio School District Art Show and Film Festival
On Saturday April 27th the Rio School District hosted its 4th annual Rio District Art and Film Festival at the new Rio Del Sol School Multipurpose Room. Students, Parents, Faculty, Administration and the Rio Community all enjoyed a day of relaxation and activities for all. Some of the activities included…
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Why Art Matters?
This year the Rio School District has made a concerted effort to develop our Visual arts programs across our eight schools. In doing so, we hired two new outstanding art teachers who are working to develop art lessons and learning with students and teachers alike. This week we will hold…
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