The best gift you can give your child is the gift of a second language. In today’s fast-paced world, being competitive in the job market is tough. It’s not just about having a college education anymore; it’s about all of the things you can do above and beyond that. Being able to speak a second language – whether it’s Spanish or Chinese or French – will give your child the edge in their future.

Through this program, your child will become culturally competent and well-rounded, gaining a respect and sensitivity for other cultures and an ability to problem solve when confronted with difficult issues.

Your child will be taught by some of the finest educators in the county, who challenge their students every day to think outside the box and to reach high critical levels of thinking in their academic studies.

As the principal of this program and as a parent of a child who is currently in the program, I assure you that your child will achieve a first-class, high-quality education.

Call or come by to learn more about this unique program and all it has to offer! Classroom visits can be arranged by appointment at anytime.

Maria Hernandez
Principal, Dual Immersion Academy

I, Rosa Navarrete, am very pleased with the Dual Immersion Academy. My daughter Daisy is learning to speak Spanish and English correctly. Daisy is at academic level with her subjects and advancing, thanks to the Director that brought this program to Rio Real and its highly qualified teachers.
– Rosa Navarrete, Mother

Yo, Rosa Navarrete, estoy muy contenta con el programa Academia de Inmersión Dual. Mi hija Daisy está aprendiendo a hablar español e inglés correctamente. Daisy está a nivel académico en sus materias y está avanzada, gracias a la Directora que trajo este programa a Rio Real y sus maestros que son altamente calificados.
– Rosa Navarrete, Madre

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