The Rio School District is committed to preparing all students to succeed in a multicultural society. To achieve this goal, we offer students who are acquiring English a comprehensive and developmental English Learner Education program. The central purpose of this program, as defined by the California legislature, is to ensure that our second language learners achieve academic parity with their English counterparts and become fluent in English. There are approximately 2,288 English Learners in grades K-8 in the Rio School District.

English Learner Program Brochure (English)

English Learner Program Brochure (Spanish)

Initial Parent Notification Letter (English)

Initial Parent Notification Letter (Spanish)

There are no specific Common Core Standards for English learners; rather, the literacy standards, common across all subjects, are applied to English learner content. The existing California English learner content standards remain in place, allowing educators to focus on the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of their students in addition to the important historical information that must be covered in their content classes.

Review the previously adopted California content standards for K-12 subject matter, including English Language Development and World Languages.
California Content Standards

Refer to the supplemental information related to how the Common Core State Standards apply to language learners.
Common Core State Standards

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