Dual Immersion Academy Benefits Children

The Dual Immersion Academy (DIA) was designed to provide students with an effective way to become fluent and literate in both English and Spanish – two of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

The program strives to help students excel in academic subjects in both languages. Students in the program also develop life skills that help them understand and respect diverse cultures. Students also learn cooperative and collaborative problem-solving skills.

DIA helps students succeed in school and in life by providing:

  • Enhanced academic and linguistic competence in two languages
  • Higher levels of creative thinking and problem solving
  • Opportunities to participate in a global society and culturally diverse environment
  • Skills leading to increased job opportunities and career-related advantages as children reach adulthood
  • Increased tolerance and understanding of different cultures

I am very proud to have my oldest child in the Dual Immersion Academy program. This program has allowed my child to learn proper Spanish and at the same time it has also introduced many other cultures around the world. I feel this program will allow my child to be fluent in both English as well as Spanish, which will open many doors in her future.
– Mrs. Leos, MotherEstoy muy orgullosa de tener a mi hija mayor en el programa Academia de Inmersión Dual. Este programa ha permitido a mi hija aprender el español apropiado y al mismo tiempo también la ha introducido a muchas otras culturas de alrededor del mundo. Yo siento que este programa le permitirá a mi hija ser fluida en inglés como también en español, los cual le abrirá muchas puertas en su futuro.
– Señora Leos, Madre

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