Student Showcase

The day we were born

The day we were born we had courage and , our soul was fresh with life and no mistakes. People in life have made regrets , my hand is scar-free yet the people I know have aches . Pain from their body’s being different , wanting to look like others when you are original . […]

She makes me feel perfect

She makes me feel perfect when ever Ive waken up from my slumber Once I came home from a hard day of school she hugs me She cooks a decent meal and I always say “Thank you for the splendid meal” I always think of you everywhere I go If someone tells me to do […]

Spring Sonnet 30

Spring Sonnet 30 Flowers are blooming outside in the sun. A perfect day to be in the sunshine, animals taking off their coats for fun. People disturb the forest bu mining, It would be a shame if it was too rain. All fund and games until the day dampens, the time that happens it may […]

Sonnet 09

Sonnet 09 At night, have you been so sad or frightened? Scared of the nights howl and clinging to light. Running away and not being beckoned. All things see it and as despair or blight. Some say it is the true weakness of all. Humans dream about escaping its giant shadow. However no one could […]

Success 5

Success 5 Success is my great achievement, behold. Wealth of a nation is dedication. Upon all our sacrifice is pure gold. Words do not define me, only action. Rid ourselves with pain and be enlighten. My will is my greatest ally in strength. Love and gravity holds us tighten. All our good deeds and sins […]

Sonnet 14

Sonnet 14 Hello my name is Javier, so hi, I walk through the wind, and breath in air, The leaves crumble and look like brown hair dye, The trees I see make me go to the fair. The forest is so very green, and pure, But also very dangerous as well, But being free is […]

Sonnet 3

Sonnet 3 You use to be so smart and really bright. Don’t quit in life for just one little thing. Life was really good and really so bright. If you want happiness life it will bring. So don’t quit on your life it will come soon. So fly fly away like a butterfly. So don’t […]

Sonnet 425

Sonnet 425 I see you from the corner of my eyes, Every day I steal a glance of you. There is only love; there is no disguise. Do you ever take a glance of me too? There is something I cannot help but see, That your smile always fills me with delight. There is always […]

Sonnet 31

Sonnet # 31 Wasted my life loving someone untrue. I could not see the lies for I was blind. Betrayed, I walk away to someone new. To start off fresh, I need to cool my mind. Unfaithful, yes you are, I trusted you. My heart burns from the pain you caused till’ now. Stupid, Yes […]

Sonnet 3

Sonnet 3 Secrets hidden deep with inside of me never to be found tears fall down my eyes. Worries and pressures begging “let me be!” Always fell into believing those lies. Whispers, rumors travel out of my ears mustn’t fall into trap keep being strong. Slowly suffocating by my own fears deciphering from what is […]

What do you Think of Me?

When our eyes meet, what do you think of me? My mind goes blank when you ask me questions. Friends are what we are and always will be. Embarrassed to ask friends for suggestions, On how to make conversation with you, Because my tongue ties every time we talk. I’ve heard you feel the same […]

Sonnet 20

Sonnet 20 Today is a lovely day to be inside, The wind as a breeze with blue and going threw, Tomorrow will be a lovely day to be outside. Mountains be love it starts to hit something that chew. The flowers are blooming and are colorful green, The next day will be a sunny day, […]

Sonnet 7

Sonnet 7 Time after time these feelings arise, My feelings are as calm as the roaming sea Feels better than a summer sunrise Heart over mind is the way I see. I am usually quite shy and I guess you are too I hope for you this isn’t just a game Somehow, some way you […]

Of a Flower

As a flower opened a warm Spring day, The colors shown brightly. I just wanted to stay. As I sat quietly, I watched the little bud bloom. I felt a burst of happiness. There was nothing that could turn this day to gloom. As I stayed into myself unless, It would start to rain. But […]

“Where did the Last Piece of Strawberry Cheesecake go?”

Where did the Last Piece of Strawberry Cheesecake go? Inspired by the poem,”This is Just to Say,” by William Carlos Williams I have consumed The last wonderful piece of strawberry cheesecake That was within the refrigerator Inside the plastic container Behind the gallon of milk And which You were most likely Saving For your routine […]

“Luscious Luxury”

Luscious Luxury     Inspired by the poem, “This is Just to Say”, by William Carlos Williams I have consumed The in-season berries That were camouflaged With the other Refrigerated delicacies In the early morning Undoubtedly You were Intending on Serving them To you and me Tomorrow for breakfast My apologies They were Scrumptious, satisfying And […]


Poolside Inspired by the poem, “Just to Say”, by William Carlos Williams I have sipped and gulped The last bit of lemonade That was put into the back fridge Between the eggs and the milk And which You were probably picturing yourself Drinking by the clear waters of the pool On a red-hot summer’s day […]

“No Regrets”

No Regrets Inspired by the poem “This is Just to Say”, by  William Carlos Williams I have savored The ice cream sundae You prepared yourself And hid cleverly in the freezer In the very back covered by The box of chocolate chips waffles As well the box of  frozen pepperoni pizza And which You were […]