The  Catchin’ the five C’s is a 1/2 hour educational play inspired by superintendent Dr. John Puglisi focusing around the five C’s which consist of communication, collaboration, caring, critical thinking and creativity. The show was written and created by Drama Artist in Residence, Diane Delaurentis and actively put into production by Hip Hop Mindset with director, Diane Delaurentis. The show incorporates music dance, acting and singing.

The story is of a main character Izzy who is playing a Pokémonesque-Go type of phone game and is in search of capturing five Pokémonesque characters. During his pursuit he meets five other students who join him trying to catch the five C’s. What they don’t know is that any problem they encounter is resolved by one of the five C’s! in the end they not only catch all five C’s but learn their importance of communication , collaboration, caring, critical thinking, and creativity!

Directed By

Diane DeLaurentis

Drama Instructor

Hip Hop Mindset

Dance Instructor

Performance Schedule

• February 7th, Opening Night Rio Del Mar, 7:00pm show time
• February 8th, Rio Del Mar, 9:30am show time
• February 10th, Rio Rosales, 9:30am show time
• February 14th, Rio Lindo, 9:30am show time
• February 15th, Rio Plaza, 9:30am show time
• February 17th, Rio Real, 9:30am show time
• February 22nd, Rio Del Norte, 9:30am show time
• February 27th, Rio Del Valle, 9:30am show time

Catchin' the Five C's- The Play

Catchin' the Five C's- The Movie

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