One to One to the World

This month, October 2015, the Rio School District will achieve its goal of having one connected computer device for each child enrolled. This is sometimes called one to one computing or even one to the world which is, perhaps, a better term. We’re calling it One to One to the World. oneacerworld This investment in technology is in service of our three prong learning framework. Students in every grade level are availed of three types of learning activities that can help them learn together and own their own. Direct instruction, project based learning, and individualized digital learning activities are arranged by teachers and the District in order to help every child develop a growth mindset that takes them from where they are to where they want and need to be in terms of literacy ( reading, writing, math, and technology) as well as 21st century learning practices (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and caring).

Rio’s teachers are taking on the challenge of learning to use these new tools in service of the greater demands of the common core standards and the quickly evolving technological landscape in our broader society. Rio’s one to one to the world program is an investment in the future of our children. We aim for these tools to serve each child encouraging them to become inquiring learners who build a passion for learning and developing their own interests. These connected tools offer them the opportunity to learn with and from other learners and experts from across the globe and across the historical timeline.

Regardless of technology, we know that great learners read and write every day and work hard to get better. 21st century learners now have a great and broad landscape of texts and hyper-texts to read and create. They have the world at their finger tips.

Rio’s One to One to the World program is also based on choosing economical and in many cases open source and free applications. In this way we partner with corporate and local business partners like Acer and MJP Computers to provide students and teachers state of the art technology at the lowest possible cost to the tax payer. Making smart decisions when purchasing and using technology is a great example and model for our students as they become the consumers and decision makers of the future.

This year we are also carefully developing and rolling out our take-home computer program. We have piloted the program in several classrooms and at several schools. We look forward to expanding this program District wide in order to expand the potential learning opportunities beyond the classroom day.

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