Why M.L.K. Matters to Children Today

Why M.L.K. Matters to Children Today


Martin Luther King was a tireless worker for creating a better America. In this sense, children should know who he was and what he was all about. MLK’s work was all about making things better for children. He knew the things he was working for would take time to achieve and would manifest more fully for the children of his time to experience. In this way MLK stands out as someone who deeply cared about children and children should have people like that for reflection.


MLK was a tireless believer in the power of love. Children know that their greatest power is to love and be loved. MLK’s stance for non-violence and for the power of non-violence speaks to children as they are among the most vulnerable to violence.


MLK was a tireless believer in hope and action. Children raised with a spirit of hope for the future are more likely to grow naturally and fully. Children who learn and see models for action in  creating better futures will be more likely to develop as people of action themselves. Action and hopefulness are a great combination for the making of life and the development of a society.


MLK was a tireless worker for the rights of all women and men.


MLK was tireless worker to end poverty and its destructive impact on the development of society.


MLK was a great example of sacrifice and commitment to things higher than self.


All these attributes are found in other people, in famous and non-famous. Still, Martin Luther King stands out in America and across the globe as a unique figure in the historical development of mankind. As a family of billions of people over time, we are connected to big ideas and to inspiration by people we know close in our lives and by people whose lives have become global narratives. Their lives, words, images, and legacies serve us in sustaining ways. In all of these ways, MLK is important for children to know. In all these ways MLK matters to children.