As the crowd of teachers rolled into this year’s STEAM Colloquium, the sense of excitement and anticipation was in the air.  Maybe it was the spread of appetizers that greeted you as you walked in, or maybe the eagerness of the teachers to learn and adapt new and modern methods of the STEAM curriculum into their own classrooms.  This year’s gathering focused on the Technology aspect of STEAM.

Teachers focused on learning and technology in school, how technology has changed over the years, and learning for the future.  Another important point was learning about devices and new ways of using them, and also the safety aspect of technology.  As part of students learning to use technology in the classroom and outside of the classroom, safety is a major part.

Teachers then had a chance to share their experiences and collaborate with their peers as to how technology plays a role in their classroom and with their students.  All teachers and those in attendance came out for this year’s colloquium with new ideas, insights, and inspiration on how to better use, integrate, and teach technology in each of their classrooms.

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