IMG_1402Pianist Daniel from USC Thornton School of Music played 8 concerts in 4 days at each of the Rio School District schools. He played classical music from the major time divisions of classical music which included the Medieval (500–1400) and the Renaissance (1400–1600) eras; the Common practice period, which includes the Baroque (1600–1750), Classical (1750–1820), and Romantic eras (1804–1910); and the 20th century through present day.

Daniel played scores from composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and John Williams. The students of Rio got to learn that are surrounded by classical music everyday with movie themes and many commercials using classical music. Classical music can be an exciting learning tool. Music not only has the power to stimulate the mind, enrich the heart and soothe the soul; it can also help meet educational objectives and outcomes.

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