Notice of Vacancy for Provisional Appointment

Interested persons are hereby notified that pursuant to Education Code 5091, 5093 there is a vacancy on the Rio School District Board of Education.  A provisional appointment will fill a shortened term ending December 2016.  The seat will go to election in November 2016 for a full four- year term.  More information …  Click here for […]

Ms. Aurebach’s 5th Grade History Harvest Project (Video)

Ms. Auerbach’s class learns about the Mixteco culture.

Ms. Aureback’s 5th Grade History Harvest Project (Video)

History Harvest Brochure

Students in the Rio School District are learning to be researchers, harvesting artifacts and engaging with community leaders by conducting oral history interviews to learn more about the culture and history of the Mixtec community.

To Learn More Download The History Harvest Brochure (PDF)