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Will Schools Ever Be The Same?

Will schools ever be the same? The coronavirus has altered many human institutions. It has altered human life. For centuries, people have gone to schools to learn and to gain knowledge, skills, and access to opportunities. The pandemic has exposed the weakness of our current day schools and also revealed their relevance and adaptability and […]

The 2020/21 school year in the Rio School District

This year is unlike any school year in recent history. While the Rio School District was already established during the 1918 flu pandemic, and an historical analysis of what it was like is surely a worthy endeavor, this coming school year which begins online on August 31, 2020 at 9:00 am is going to be […]

Were Schools Ready for a Pandemic ?

Were Schools Ready for a Pandemic ? No.  Was anyone ready for this pandemic? No. Are schools getting ready to serve children in the pandemic? Yes. Our American public schools have to be ready for just about any eventuality and sadly in recent history, even for school shootings. For years, those of us who lead […]

What’s it take to be a great School Principal?

The list of answers to this question is likely very long. Books are written about the role. Many points of view will answer the question differently. Teachers, parents, students, community members all will have their opinion. Principals, themselves, are worthy of a good listening after being asked this question. I asked a couple principals recently […]


IMAGINATION IMAGE  I  NATION IMAGE A NATION Since I can remember, which is probably as a four year old, I have always looked with an artist’s eye. I have always seen with my outer and inner eyes. I am fortunate in this way. This way of being likely emerges from both nature and nurture. Burnt […]