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What are we to do?

When I was seven years old I often took rides with my father as he worked as a sales associate for Whitman’s Chocolates. He would go to different stores, we called them drug stores back then, and would talk to the store managers and would look at the candy on the shelves. His territory covered […]

Imagine a Time…….

Imagination is what humans have and do naturally. We make pictures and sometimes video clips in our heads. In these coronavirus times, our school organizations are tasked with imagining and then planning for re-opening and redesigning the ways children attend and learn in schools. Our challenges are many and they reside in the space between […]

Principal profile- Robert Guynn

Robert Guynn Principal Rio Del Mar Elementary School 2 Year as Rio Del Mar Principal 8 Years as Principal This is Mr. Guynn’s 2nd year serving Rio Del Mar Elementary School students as principal. Before working in Rio he served as a principal and district administrator for Adelanto School District and prior to that as […]


The Next Nine Weeks : April 20 – June 18 Completing the 2019-20 School Year in CoronaTimes The next nine weeks through April and the last day of the school year on June 18, will mark twelve weeks of conducting school with campuses closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. As we emerge from Spring Break […]

Principal Profile – Ralph Cordova, Ph.D.

Ralph Cordova, Ph.D. Principal Rio Del Sol Elementary School 2nd Year as Del Sol Principal 28 Years as Teacher   This is Dr. Cordova’s second year serving Rio students as principal of Rio Del Sol Elementary School. Before working in Rio he served K-University students and teachers at the University of Missouri St. Louis as […]