The River Songs Band (TRSB) have come together in recent years to write and perform music in the Rio Schools Community and to contribute to the development of a musical community at large. The Band has a core of players but adds and grows as the community grows. Players include: Hekar Rivera (violin), Steve Sunnarborg (guitar), Nee Quaison-Sackey (singer/bass), Melissa Ruelas (drums), John Puglisi (lead singer/guitar), Dave VanKeersbilck (singer/bango), Angel Velez (percussions), Jarkko Myllari (keyboard), Jerry Guillen (sound engineer), Carlo Godoy (media), Mike Vollmert, Doug Williamson, Teri Lynn Regalado, Larry Kelman, Tony Ostrowski, Hank Bangser and Rio Schools Students. TRSB’s projects include: Healthy Living – Smashing Veggie Songs, River Songs and Job Songs.

Healthy Living Songs

River Songs

Job Songs

Pacific Songs

Black History Month

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