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Student Work Highlight: Concert Review

Concert Review and Evaluation

I believe that my performance exceeded expectations. Spots that I had trouble with was played well in my opinion, surprisingly. This was certainly one of my best, if not my best performance in front of a live audience. My grade was most likely a high silver or low gold. I believe my performance was expressive, but not expressive enough to earn a higher grade.

The group played exceptionally well. There were a few minor hiccups that slightly brought down our grade. One mistake I heard in our performance was in Dragon around measure 76, the saxophones skipped about three notes, which threw me off. Despite these mistakes, this performance was light years better than our festival’s. In my opinion there is no such thing as a perfect performance, but that means there is an infinite room for improvement. Autumn mist was much more expressive than our previous one, tempo was nice and steady too. The Dragon was indeed trained in our performance. I give our band a low gold.

Not to sound conceited, but How To Train Your Dragon was my favorite musical selection of the evening. The piece has so much to offer, it is fast and exciting, slow and expressive, and a mixture of both. How to Train Your Dragon is also my favorite selection because every section gets to shine and have an important role in it. I also enjoy the lenght of it. About a good three minutes playing time. The reaction from the audience after playing it makes it my favorite. The best selection we played in my two years of band.