Student Leadership

The ASB (Associated Student Body) Leadership class is a vital component of Rio Vista Middle School. Student leaders must maintain a 2.5 GPA to remain in the class, and are required to uphold exceptional standards of behavior and conduct, both in and outside of classrooms. At Rio Vista Middle School, the ASB Leadership class has many responsibilities:

  • Building a sense of culture, belonging, and pride among students and Staffulty.
  • Coordinating the Renaissance academic recognition program.
  • Planning and executing our school dances, Renaissance Rallies, Renaissance Awards Nights, Fun Friday activities, spirit weeks, and many more events!
  • Assisting new students during Orientation.
  • Providing help and support to all students when needed.
  • Conveying our daily morning announcements.

Attending and presenting at local and regional Leadership conferences and conventions, such as CASL. The ASB Leadership class acts as the legislative body of the student body coordinates activities by considering student welfare, preparing budgets, paying bills, formulating policies, and studying parliamentary procedure, in order to conduct its affairs in a systematic manner. ASB plans and organizes school wide events in addition to maintaining the sales of campus supplies (yearbooks, spirit clothes, student handbooks, promotion gowns, tickets, etc.).

Adam Erickson

ASB Advisor

ASB Officers

ASB President: Jenika Becerra
ASB Vice President: Jonathan Mendoza
ASB Treasurer: Taylor Betancourt
ASB Secretary: Karla Lopez


1. Who is in ASB?

Rio Vista Middle School is made up of an exceptional group of 7th and 8th grade students who demonstrated considerable desire, drive, and determination to be a part of this organization.

2. What does ASB do?

The role of ASB is to give back and serve the students at Rio Vista MS. The students in ASB work to raise school spirit in events held during lunch and during events such as the Award Ceremonies, Rallies and all school dances. They also work to raise student involvement in community service projects.

3. Where does ASB get their money?

Most of ASB’s money comes from the school’s Buy Night event, where students buy their PE clothes before school starts up for the year. In addition, ticket sales to events, special fundraisers, yearbook pre-sales, and spirit wear also contribute to their budget.

4. How can I be an ASB member?

All students who meet the eligibility requirements are allowed to apply for ASB in the Spring for the following school year, and the selection process includes a digital application, essay questions, and teacher recommendations. If you choose to run for an officer position, those elections are held each May for the upcoming school year.

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