Welcome to Rio Vista Middle School! Where Condors Dare to Soar!!!

Matthew KlinefelterWe look forward to providing our students with a challenging and rigorous experience. Our teachers are diligent in ensuring that your child benefits from programs that are guided by research based instructional practices. In addition, efforts are made to assure that students receive support with regards to social and emotional growth. As a school, Rio Vista will continue to embrace our successes. We will take on new challenges and continue to seek improvement for the future. Throughout the school year, communication will be an important factor with regards to student success. Every attempt will be made to inform parents of student achievement and progress.

Our online calendar is an important source of school information. Do not hesitate to contact teachers or office staff regarding questions or concerns. As a parent, it is important to talk to your child daily about their school day. Be sure to check their planners, take time to check the parent portal, and ask about homework, activities, and friends.

I encourage you to take an active part in your child’s education, and I am pleased that your child is attending Rio Vista Middle School. We are anxious to cultivate a culture and sense of community with our families and neighbors, and value your participation. As an important member of your student’s success team, we hope that you will support him/her by monitoring his/her homework, communicating regularly with his/her teachers and staff, and volunteering your time and/or resources.

Thank you for the privilege to serve your children!

Matthew Klinefelter

Rio Vista Middle School

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