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Message from Superintendent

The November 4th election is quickly approaching which means that Rio’s Measure “G” will soon be on the Ballot. This General Obligation School Bond aims to support our recent Master Planning to repair, renovate, and make additions to existing schools as well as adding new classrooms to address our growing student enrollment. You can learn more about Measure G by clicking here.

John Puglisi, Ph.D.

Superintendent – Rio School District –  Educating Learners for the 21st Century

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  • My past week on the Twitter machine. 2,528 Total views,32 New followers, 29 Link visits.. The following part is cool.....,
  • Gr8 Data talks this week with principals. Gr8 team of instructional leaders tackling 21st century learning & Literacy Development Rioschools,
  • here's a link to my draft 21st century student dashboard. love to know your thoughts.Suggestions,
  • Here are initial thoughts on a 21st century reportcard/rubric ,

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