Welcome Rio Rosales Students and Families!


Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year!  My name is Ryan Howatt and I am proud to be the principal of this fine school. At Rio Rosales we believe…Our world needs happy, literate, empathetic people who can solve problems together.  We commit to providing a safe, clean and productive learning environment that continually develops excellent scholars and citizens. This commitment is also an invitation to join us in the celebrations, struggles and necessary hard work that comes along with developing 21st Century citizens. School is practice for the real world. School is a mini-model of democracy. School is a place where staff, students and community put children’s choices and chances at the center of our work.

I  encourage us all to communicate clearly, consistently and honestly so that we can connect children to the joy and importance of learning.  To assist you in understanding our roles, relationships and responsibilities we have included a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page preceding this letter. It summarizes some of the most important and frequent scenarios you may encounter at Rio Rosales. While you are expected to read the entire handbook, please make sure you read, understand, and can follow some of the highest priority expectations found on that page.

This year we will continue to focus on the central themes of scholarship and citizenship. Our trajectory for academic achievement continues to rise. Our children are reading more, achieving more and assessing at higher levels each year. I’ll ask for your assistance and commitment regularly this year as our work is to collaborate in the interest of your children. I believe that we are in a promising space as a community and, with a little extra, can amaze ourselves with what our children can do. Whether it is in building a more responsive and restorative discipline system, designing community involvement events or improving our state assessment results, I know that our truest success will only come when we are working together to link school and home.

This year I again extend my invitation to you to attend at least one parent meeting or informational event that you might otherwise skip. I believe that within our community lies the truest power to change. If we can commit to collaboratively focusing on what is best for our children’s hearts and minds, we will be successful in developing more than excellent students. We will be successful in preparing these children to lead with their heads, hearts, and hands.

Welcome to a new year.  Welcome, or welcome back, to Rio Rosales.


Ryan Howatt, M.Ed.