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Rio Lindo is now asking for nominations of parent members for our School Site Council.

The School Site Council serves the students and the school by:
1. Developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) with teachers and support staff;
2. Monitoring and evaluating the SPSA to review goals

Parent members of the SSC are expected to:
1. Attend the meetings approximately once per month
2. Learn about the SPSA through trainings and information shared at SSC meetings
3. Represent parents in the neighborhood and community; and actively participate in SSC responsibilities

If you are interested, please notify the principal.

Thank you for your participation!

A Message From the Principal

At Rio Lindo School, we believe that every child can be a successful learner. We offer a program where students will develop inquiry skills, learn how to access relevant resources and receive individual support to ensure that every student is reaching their highest potential.

Rio Lindo’s teaching and support staff are dedicated to supporting and maintaining a safe and nurturing school environment where students social, emotional and behavioral needs are met. These values will help students become more confident and ready to learn.

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