About Rio Plaza Elementary School

Rio Plaza Overview
Regular education classrooms grades 1-515
Kindergarten classrooms6
Students served590
Preschool classes2
Preschool students served40
Special day classNA

The oldest school in the district, Rio Plaza Elementary School has been encouraging early learning for 60 years. With a solid history behind us, we have worked to stay on the cutting edge of elementary education. We offer top academic programs, including a Headstart classroom and all day Kindergarten. Additionally, we provide after-school programs including Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme. Classrooms have 21st Century technology allowing teachers and students to easily access the World Wide Web, collaborate with technology tools, create and present quality technology presentations, and use teaching and learning software and apps with wireless technology. We have a robust Accelerated Reader program and have recently invested in increasing the number of book titles in the library. Parents are encourage to become involved in School Site Council, the English Language Advisory Committee, PTA, and English classes for Parents provided by Laubach Literacy.