2017 5C Music Assembly

2016 Winter Concert

Engage Learning Model

We are very excited to begin project-based learning this year with the Engage2Learn learning model. The model in student centered and encourages students to be active learning through research, collaboration, demonstration of learning, and presentation of findings.

Benefits of ELM

What is the Engage Learning Model

School Gardens

We are very excited about gardening. Rio Plaza is the recipient of two garden grants and will be installing a primary grade and upper grade garden. The gardens will provide a space for biology instruction and hands-on learning. and students will eat what they harvest!

This is part of our Harvest of the Month program expansion and an opportunity for parents to become involved in our education program. If you like gardening or would like to get involved, please stop by our office to volunteer.

Parent English Classes

English classes for parents are available at no cost each Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m. The classes focus on conversational English and how to best communicate with your child’s teacher and school staff. More information is available in the school office.

Art Classes

The District has provided Rio Plaza with a part time art instructor. Approximately every six weeks, our artist comes to campus and works with the students and teachers to create unique art projects. Check out some of them on our new art wall in the front office. Each month we will be showcasing a grade level.

ChARger Reader Program

Rio plaza celebrates reading with ChARger Reader awards each month. Students receive these awards by reading books, taking and passing quizzes and earning points in Accelerated Reader (AR). Prizes vary each month and include pencils, wristbands, earbuds, gel markers, t-shirts, medals, certificates and more. Support your child by making sure that they are reading every day. Your child’s teacher will send home an invitation to you if your child has met their reading goal.

Perfect Attendance

Each month students who arrive at school each day on time and complete the entire day receive receive a Principal’s Recess ticket. This ticket allows students to have an extra recess to play with hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, footballs, basketballs, soccer ball, jump ropes and more. Give your student the opportunity to participate by having them at school everyday.

Harvest of the Month

In September, Rio Plaza launched the Harvest of the Month program (HOTM).  Each month, students at Rio Plaza will have the opportunity to taste a fruit or vegetable from a local farm as well as learn about its history, how it is grown and why it is nutritious and an important part of a healthy diet.

Nutrition Specialists, Joanna Munro and Kelsea Cregut from the Ventura County Farm to School Collaborative gave every student at Rio Plaza the opportunity to taste delicious, local grown cherry tomatoes, the Harvest of the Month for September. The students tasted different varieties of lettuce in October.

The HOTM will be featured on the salad bar in the cafeteria each Thursday and highlighted in a salad on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Rio Plaza was awarded a Project Produce grant through the Chef Ann Foundation. The $2500 will purchase the fresh fruits and vegetables used in the HOTM program as well as cooking classes which are due to commence in January 2016.

Exposing the students to a diverse range of produce through tasting lessons will encourage students to try new fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are key to children’s healthy eating. They make their bodies feel better and their minds work better.