Rio Real Administrative Staff

Dr. Maria M. Hernandez

  • Rio School District 19 years
  • Rio Real 12 years
  • BA Sociology, CSUN
  • MA in Educational Administration, CSUN
  • Ed.D. Ed Leadership, California Lutheran University
  • In my time off I enjoy watching the surf, hiking, camping, reading a good book and family gatherings!

Leslie Hudson

Assistant Principal
  • BA – Foreign Languages and Literatures, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • MA – Educational Administration, McKendree University
  • Spanish Teacher 19 years, Alton High School
  • Spanish Instructor 14 years, Lewis and Clark Community College
  • Interests: Cooking, new restaurants, the beach, playing piano, bird watching, kayaking, spending time with my husband and pets and visiting my daughter at college.

Maria Ramirez

Office Manager

Araceli Lyon

Student and Family Support Specialist

Ana Hernandez

Student and Family Support Specialist

Rio Real Teachers

Yesenia Nava


In my class my students think with their mind and their heart!

Rosa Navarro-Herrejon


Lourdes Sepulveda-Gallegos

  • Dual immersion kindergarten teacher since 2016.
  • BS Science, CSUCI
  • MA Education, Pepperdine University
  • Believes that all children are unique and that each one should be allowed to blossom and grow.
  • Hopes to help her students express themselves and to accept themselves for who they are, along with embracing the differences of others.

“I need to listen well so that I hear what is not said.”
“Necesito escuchar bien para oír lo que no se dice”
-Thuli Madonsela

Carmen Vasquez

  • Dual immersion kindergarten teacher.
  • Taught for 30 years with 18 years in Rio.
  • Earned a BA in liberal studies from California State University Northridge, California.
  • Founding teacher in the district’s dual immersion magnet program.
  • Believes that every child can love learning and that a global education truly prepares students for the 21st century.
  • In her spare time she likes to sew and craft.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Patricia Cabrera

1st Grade
  • Rio School District 11 years
  • BA in Liberal Studies, Supplementary Authorization in English
  • Bilingual Credential, CSUN
  • I enjoy spending time with family, reading and running.

Favorite quote:  “We must let go of the life we haveplanned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
– Joseph Campbell
Be happy and enjoy those beautiful moments of life!

Sandra Morales

1st Grade
  • Rio Real teacher for 12 years
  • BA Multiple Subjects, California State University, Northridge
  • I love spending time with my family and friends!

Mariela Plascencia

1st Grade
  • It’s a pleasure to be back in the Rio School District as a teacher as I am a former Rio School District student.
  • Rio Real Teacher for 11 years
  • BA Liberal Studies; CSUN
  • MS Education; Walden University
  • I love to travel and spend time with my son & husband.

Yesenia Viera

1st Grade
  • Rio Real teacher for 11 years
  • BA Liberal Studies, California State University Northridge
  • I enjoy exercising, especially Zumba.

Annette Alfaro

2nd Grade
  • 2nd year at Rio Real
  • B.A in Early Childhood Studies, CSUCI
  • Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, CLU
  • I love traveling, hiking, spending time at the beach and just being out in the sun.

Quote: “A la vida ganas, a los sueños alas.”

Yenni Luna

2nd Grade

Maria de Los Angeles Mauricio

2nd Grade
  • @Rio Real for 10 yrs 17 yrs RSD
  • CSU Northridge & California Lutheran University
  • Liberal Studies emphasis on 2nd Language Acquisition Masters Degree in Education
  • En mi tiempo libre me gusta pasar tiempo con mi familia y amigos. El contar chistes y hacer reír a los demás me hace feliz. Me encanta montar a caballo, hacer arte, escribir, y mirar películas de terror.
  • In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Telling jokes and making people laugh makes me happy. Love to ride horses, do art, write and watch scary movies.

Favorite Quote: “Es bueno ser importante, pero es más importante ser bueno.”
“It’s good to be important, but it is more important to be good.”

Aurora Zamudio

2nd Grade
  • Río Real teacher for 14 years.
  • I have been in the Río School District since 2006.
  • BA in Liberal Studies, Multiple Subject Credential w/BCLAD
  • California State University, Northridge
  • I love spending time with my family.
  • Me encanta pasar tiempo con mi familia.

Quote: “Donde una puerta se cierra, otra se abre.”
“When one door closes, another one opens”-Miguel de Cervantes

Elsa Hernandez

3rd Grade
  • Rio Real teacher for 13 years
  • California State University Northridge: BA Child Development, Minor in Psychology. Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with BCLAD.
  • “If you fall, I’ll always be there.”-The Floor

Jacqueline Leal

3rd Grade
  • I’ve been teaching 9 years.
  • BA Multiple Subjects, California State University Northridge
  • MA in Education, BCLAD California Lutheran University
  • I love spending time with my children and family.
  • “Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz — Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.” – Benito Juarez”

Erika Padilla

3rd Grade
  • 5 years Teaching in Dual Language
  • BA Liberal Studies, CSU Stanislaus
  • Minor in Spanish, Universidad Del País Vasco, Spain
  • Multiple Subjects Credential BCLAD, CSU, Stanislaus
  • Single Subject Spanish Credential, UC Riverside
  • I enjoy traveling, hiking, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.
  • My students inspire me to be the best every day.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Mayra Aguilar

4th Grade
  • Part of Rio Real Dual Immersion Academy since 2012.
  • Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies and Children’s Theater from Cal Lutheran University.
  • Spanish Degree from the Universidad de Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico
  •  K-12 Academic Spanish Instruction Certification from Loyola Marymount University.
  • Enjoys time with family and exercising outdoors.
  • Passion is teaching fourth grade and creating a positive and enthusiastic learning environment.

Teresa Ivey

4th Grade
  • 3 Yrs, Dual Immersion at Rio Real
  • 8 Yrs Educator
  • BA, Education, CSULA
  • Credential with Spanish BCLAD, CSUN
  • Chicano Studies, Santa Monica
    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You‘re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Olga Velasco

4th Grade
  • I have been teaching at Rio Real for 6 years.
  • I have a BA in liberal studies with an emphasis in bilingual studies: Spanish/English CSUCI
  • Multiple subject Teaching credential w/BCLAD CSUCI
  • I enjoy hiking, yoga, and spending time with my family.
Irene Chavez

Irene Carranza-Chavez

5th Grade
  • 12 years in the Rio School District
  • BA Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
  • California Teaching Credential, Cal Lutheran University
  • MA in Education, Cal Lutheran University
  • I love to spend time with my two children and husband.
  • I am passionate about teaching, interior design, and personal development.

“There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing YET.” – Sheila Tobias

Pablo Hernandez

5th Grade

Jose Marte

5th Grade

Diana Barrera

Middle School
  • Rio School District since 2007
  • BA Liberal Studies, California State University Channel Islands
  • MA in Education, Grand Canyon University
  • I enjoy spending time in nature with my family, grounding, and reading self help books. I feel blessed to be working with our students at Real.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

Katie Browning

Middle School
  • I started my teaching career in Orange County in 2007.
  • This is my 2nd year in the RSD & at Rio Real.
  • I love teaching 6th grade middle school Math/Science.
  • During my collegiate years I attended Moorpark College for my AA, Cal State University Fullerton for my BA in Liberal Studies & Teaching Credential.
  • I received my Masters in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University.
  • In my free time I love to hang out with my two daughters, read books, and watch Netflix.
  • Teaching is my passion and my goal each year is to build relationships with my students in order to create a classroom environment where success is achieved!

Lionel Carrizales

Middle School PE
  • Río School District – 10 yrs Río Real 5 yrs
  • BA – California Lutheran University in Exercise Science Sports Medicine
  • MA Degree – Education
  • In my spare time I like spending time with my family and watching my two little ones grow up. I wish they would stay small, I love holding them.
  • I also enjoy camping, BBQing, watching sports, fishing, going to the beach, body boarding and surfing. Last but not least, playing PS4.

Favorite quote – “Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating…too often fathers neglect it because they get so caught up in making a living they forget to make a life.” ― John Wooden

Kimberly Landberg

Middle School
  • Rio School District since 2016
  • BA Geography, UC Santa Barbara
  • MS Environmental Science, CSU Fullerton
  • Teaching Credential, Cal Lutheran University
  • I enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and exploring nature with my family.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” John Muir

Melissa Macias

7th & 8th Grade Spanish LA & SS
  • 3rd year at Rio Real
  • BA Psychology, California State University Channel Islands
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a Bilingual Authorization in Spanish, California Lutheran University
  • In my spare time I love reading novels, going hiking and spending time with my family.
  • My goal as an educator is to teach students to become successful, competent, and confident learners.

“Every child deserves a champion-an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be”. -Rita F. Pierson

Jeanine Malette


Rosalinda Melchor

Middle School

Marcela Ortiz

Middle School
  • First year at Rio Real
  • BA, Liberal Studies; Northridge
  • Single Subject Spanish; National University
  • I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and traveling.

Joseph Stewart

Middle School
  • Teacher for 4 year
  • BA Multiple Subject, Fresno State University
  • MA Cross Cultural Education, National University
  • California Teaching Credential, National University
  • In college I was a Division 1 wrestler at Fresno State.
  • Now I enjoy trail running, training for marathons, and hanging out with my Wife Alicia and English Bulldog Biscuit. • I love Math and Science and will do anything I can to help my students succeed.

Angel Velez


Rio Real Resource Staff

Margarita Jimenez

School Counselor
Yaianna Lopez

Arianna Lopez-Castellanos

School Psychologist
  • 3rd year at Rio Real and in the RSD
  • BA in Psychology and Minor in Applied Psychology, UCSB
  • MS in Counseling with a Specialization in School Psychology, CSUN
  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist
  • I have worked as a School Psychologist since 2012 in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.
  • I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, and going to the beach.

Julie Ellen Maria

  • Been a nurse since 2009
  • BA, Liberal Studies, California State University at Northridge
  • I enjoy Playing Scrabble, going to the movies, reading, etc. etc.
Leonor Pazos

Leonor Pazos

After School Program Coordinator

Gloria de Lira


Jazmine Aguayo

Instructional Assistant

Karla Alcala

Instructional Assistant

Marissa Flores

Instructional Assistant

Rio Real Support Staff

Luisa Fernandez


Jose Barreda

Raul Barreda

Raul Barreda


Eliseo Vargas


Elodia Vargas

Food Service Manager

Tammy Bauer

Food Service Worker

Michele Salinas

Food Service Worker

Arlene Valdivia

Food Service Worker

Brenda Young

Food Service Worker

Martha Amezcua

Campus Supervision Assistant

Yolanda Angulo

Campus Supervision Assistant

Celia Castenada

Campus Supervision Assistant

Ana Garcia

Campus Supervision Assistant

Olga Maria Luna

Campus Supervision Assistant

Imelda Zavala

Campus Supervision Assistant
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