Online Resources

  • Rio Parent Resources – A website built by Rio Teachers with resources by grade level and by subject. This site also contains worksheets and other downloadable materials.
  • CoBuildAtHome – A wealth of online maker activities, a Facebook group, and suggestions from luminaries in the maker world – appropriate for all ages.

  • Community Science Workshop Network – Engaging and not technologically complicated; has low-cost projects using inexpensive or recycled materials.

  • San Francisco Exploratorium – This amazing museum’s site investigates everything from skateboarding engineering to using Oreo cookies to explore plate tectonics – upper elementary and older.

  • Science Friday – This site’s maker challenge has everything from “The Many Uses of Mucus” to “Fossilize Me” – upper elementary and older.

  • MakerEd – A compilation of projects and learning approaches designed for educators and parents.

  • MakeCode – This Microsoft program has physical and virtual coding and app development – upper elementary through middle school.

  • Scratch – An archive of hundreds of math and visual arts activities with examples and stories to help build classroom community and support curriculum content – elementary through middle school.

  • Algodoo – This free download allows students to create, alter, and run engineering simulations, changing gravity, adding gears, planes, ropes, and wheels to see how they will interact – middle school and older.

  • Blockscad – A simple block coding program to make 3-D objects and teach math concepts – middle school and older.

  • Google Experiments – An archive of experiments  that require little or no equipment, entertaining and with firm curriculum foundations – middle school and older.

  • Online Writing Prompts – The 826LA website has numerous suggestions to get students writing, organized by grades 1-5 and 6-12.
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