All students will receive both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (time value independent work) daily equivalent to a regular daily required instructional minutes for their assigned grade level. The time-value of assignments should be completed with the support of the parent, guardian, or caregiver. The student should submit assignments on or before the due date. When a student fails to submit 3 or more days of assignments or fails to participate in 50% of the synchronous opportunities with their camera on, during a four week period, the parent/guardian will be required to meet with the teacher and/or principal to determine if independent study is an appropriate placement for the student.

504 or IEP/Special Education Services Considerations: Students with IEPs or 504s may be enrolled in the Independent Study program if the student’s IEP or 504 provides for Independent Study. Parents requesting IS for students with special education must meet with the students’ IEP team to discuss the option.  

Counseling Services Considerations: School counselors will collaborate with the classroom teacher and family to schedule service times. In addition, school counselors can collaborate with the classroom teacher to join or facilitate synchronous sessions as needed.

English Learner Considerations: English learners must receive designated and integrated English Language Development (ELD), including assessment of English language proficiency, support to access curriculum, the ability to reclassify as fully English proficient, and support for dual language learning. Designated and integrated ELD is included as part of the core instruction during the distance learning model.

Child Nutrition Considerations: Food service will continue to distribute meals one day per week to those students on IS.

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