About Rio Real School

Rio Real Overview
Regular education classrooms26
Kindergarten classrooms5
Students served770
Dual ImmersionK-8
Dual Immersion Students521

Rio Real is a warm and caring school community.  Walking onto the Bulldog campus you are greeted at the entry gate by one of our many parent volunteers or student greeters.   Our staff and parent volunteers are committed to creating a rich environment where students are engaged in inquiry based learning, engaged in reading and feel safe and cared for by the many adults they come in contact with on a daily basis.  Since opening our doors in 1958, we have been dedicated to nurturing children to succeed academically, culturally and linguistically.  On ourK-8 campus you will the Dual Immersion Academy, Art, Music, competitive sports and  as well as the Rio After School Program.  Our goal is to insure that children are receiving the care they need and preparing for college or careers in the 21st Century.