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Since its beginnings in 1885, the Rio School District has been the center of the community for all the families it has served. Today, the thriving District continues its tradition of caring for each student. Rio School District inspires students and employees to strive to be lifelong learners who are engaged in the community. The District strives to provide world-class education to its more than 5,000 students through six elementary schools, two middle schools and two K-8 Schools.

We are excited about the upcoming new year at each of our Rio School sites!  Enrollment is easy and fast! You can find all the latest enrollment information and packets below in PDF file format.

For more information contact enroll@rioschools.org or call 485-3111.

Small Class Sizes

Class size is one of many factors to consider when choosing a school.

Hands On Learning

Hands-on learning drives authentic understanding versus memorization.

1 to 1 Technology

1 to 1 technology allows student access for schoolwork.

Visual & Performing Arts

Students study the arts including: band, drama, choir, and dance.


STEAM learning engages learners in transdisciplinary activity that unite science, technology, engineering, arts, and math on pathways of inquiry and problem solving.


Development is key for learners as they building foundations in reading, writing, speaking, math, and technology.

21st Century Practices

Develop the 5C practices; Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Caring.

Innovative Leadership

Innovative Leadership at school sites, at the District Office, among students, families, and community combine to create and improve new opportunities and better results.