Rio’s Teachers are Diverse Learners

Rio’s Teachers are Diverse Learners. Our more than 200 teachers are a diverse set of people. Almost a third are new to teaching and new to Rio. Many more have long experience in teaching and here working for the Rio School District. Our teaching staff are engaged as learners and this is a great model for their student learners. Leading by learning is the key as they work to develop innovations, knowledge and skills sets aimed at providing 21st century learning opportunities that yield excellent outcomes for students.

Rio teacher learning is diverse as well. It engages teachers with two online learning platforms; and #rioPADDLE which encourage teachers to collaborate and develop new knowledge and skill sets as well as mindsets aimed at providing world class 21st century learning opportunities for students so they can yield outstanding outcomes in their development as students.

This tremendous teacher energy put into learning helps make us a “world class” learning organization. Rio teachers are also learning that innovating, taking risks, learning new things, and growing independently and collaboratively can help students achieve things previously unseen. This blog post honors this energy and looks forward to its growth and development overtime.

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