Cornell notes- Is a great reading comprehension strategy that could be utilized in all classrooms. Along with the use of other strategies I can utilize this while students are watching film. This strategy can also be utilized when students have to research websites. Cornell notes will allow students to retain important information without writing down every word they hear.

Student Example

Reading strategy number 2 – This strategy comes from a tutorial and academic skill center from St. Mary’s College of California. Strategy that really stood out for me on that website was Concentration. I could use this strategy along with others when we are working on projects. There are many times when student come to physical education class they are ready to move around. So applying this strategy while reading text is very beneficial in my classroom setting.

Reading Strategy Concentration

I can utilize a graphic organizer when watching educational movies for projects or reading to retain information that will be utilized. It allows you to become more organized. Instructors can create a topic that will give students opportunity to support it with their work. This strategy is also useful for ASD. Allows for visuals.

4th Strategy-Check out Chris Biffle. With his Crazy Professor Reading strategy, students look engaged with what they are reading. Looks fun! Even reminds me of acting. Try it outdoors!

5th Reading Strategy is Chunking and Summarizing. Do you struggle reading? Or would you like to increase reading comprehension? Chunking and summarizing is a strategy that will be used in my classroom. This strategy allows you to skim through your readings, chunk it into small paragraphs and allows you to recall and relate to what you just read. 

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