Rio del Valle 8th Grade Graduation


8th Grade Promotion and Oxnard Grad Night Criteria

Rio School District students must maintain high standards of academic achievement set forth by their teachers, school administration, district, and the State of California to be eligible to participate in any, or all, 8th Grade Activities and Promotion.  Students must also maintain good behavioral standing with their peers, teachers, school administration, district, as well as California state law to be eligible to participate in any, or all, 8th Grade Activities and Promotion.

Background: Academic and Behavioral:

A student will earn 5 credits for each class in which they earn a passing grade.  A D/D- will be considered a passing grade.  Each student will begin the third trimester with 50 behavioral points.  Office referrals, detentions and suspensions will result in a loss of behavioral points.  The number of point lost will vary depending on the severity of the student’s behavior.

Academic and Behavioral Criteria:

Students may participate in the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and may be eligible to attend the City of Oxnard’s Grad Night Activity by satisfying both the academic and behavioral criteria listed below:

Academic Criteria Promotion Ceremony:  A student who ends the third trimester with the three requirements listed below is academically eligible to participate in the 8th Grade Promotion Activity:

1. 80% or more of the yearly academic credits, (75 of 90 in a 6 period day)

2. has 83% or more of the available third trimester academic credits and (25 of 30 in a 6 period day only 1-F 

3. has passed each subject two of the three trimesters

(A student participating in a six period school day must earn 75 academic credits, pass 5 of the third trimester classes 

and have passed each class two of the three trimesters.  Electives will be considered as one “class”, meaning a student

may not earn an F in Band, transfer classes, earn an F in Technology and win an appeal stating he/she did not earn

an F in the same subject).

Academic Appeals Process:

Once an F is earned, a student may not remove the grade from their academic record or earn back the credits he or she

has lost.  There will be an Appeals Process in which a student, parent or guardian can request an academic exemption for the promotion.  If the case presented to the Appeals Panel has sufficient merit, an exception to the academic requirements may be granted.

Academic Criteria Oxnard City Grade Night: A student who ends the second trimester with a 2.0 or higher GPA is academically eligible to participate in the Oxnard City Grad Night.

Behavioral Criteria for Promotion and Oxnard Grad Night:

Students must have 35 or more behavioral points to be eligible for the Oxnard City Grade Night. Students must have 20 or more behavioral points to participate in Rio’s 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.

Behavioral Modified Schedules: Students on a modified schedule, due to poor behavior, will not be eligible to participate in the promotion ceremony.

Behavioral points can be lost up to and during the promotion ceremony.  Students who are disruptive during the ceremony will be removed, regardless of their academic or behavioral status.

Behavioral Points Appeals Process:

Once behavior points have been lost, they will not be returned.  There will be an Appeals Process in which a student, parent or guardian can request a behavioral exemption for the promotion ceremony.  If the case presented to the Appeals Panel has sufficient merit, an exception to the behavioral requirements may be granted.

Promotion Appeals Committee and Process:

Students, parents or guardians may only appeal a student’s participation in the promotion ceremony; decisions for other 8thgrade promotion ceremony.

The purpose of the Appeals Committee will be to address any student/parent or guardian request that a student who has not met the promotion criteria be allowed the privilege of participating in the 8th grade promotion ceremony.

The Appeals Committee shall have an odd number of members.  One non-teaching staff member will be invited to be on the panel, the other panel members will be site teachers.  Each committee member will have one vote.

Appeals Process:

• Students are responsible for submitting the appeals form to the school office in a timely manner.
• Once submitted, the student will be notified of their Appeals Committee appointment date and time.
• At the Appeals Committee appointment, the student will present his or her case to the Appeals Committee.  Parents/guardians may provide support and/or additional information.
• Once the presented case is concluded, the student, parents/guardians will leave the meeting.  The Appeals Committee will then discuss and vote on the appeal.
• Students and parents/guardians will be informed of the Appeals Committee’s decision within three days of the meeting.  Thisdecision will be final.

We are looking forward to the promotion activities as a time to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of our students. 

It is the Rio School District’s desire that all 8th grade students end their tenure in the Rio School District on a positive note as they transition to high school.