Student Leadership

Rio del Mar understands the benefits of leadership to provide students with voice and choice in preparation for their role as productive citizens in the 21st Century.

  • Benefits of a Good Leader: Students who participate in leadership programs benefit in their ability to be more productive, succeed under pressure, increase their emotional intelligence, improve charisma, grow more self-confident and become more confident in their team, improve their listening and communication skills, have improved innovative and creative thinking, increase diversity awareness, and become more dependable, reliable, and competent.
  • Team Building: Students exercise collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity in caring relationships as they work to fulfill common goals to improve our school community.
  • Bringing A Unique Experience: It is a fact that leaders among students later become leaders in our democracy more often than those who have no prior leadership experience.
  • Inspiring Networking: Building relationships and forming alliances is critical to effectively work in service of others and within our school community to fulfill our District’s Vision and Mission.
  • Students as Role Models: Student leaders are respected by their peers and become much more important role models for other students than adults.

Day 1 of Summit

Day 2 - 3 of Summit

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Student Leadership Photos

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