Kindergarten Enrollment 2022

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Youth Truth Survey 2021
Parents – Click here to take the survey Students – Click here to take the survey Staff – Click here to take the survey
School News
Wifi Hotspots
If you do not have the Internet at home or your Internet is too slow we have hotspots available to you. Please use the link below to request a hotspot.
School News
Meal Distribution
Rio School District will provide 5 days worth of meals once a week each Monday from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. for up to 5 children per household. If you require more lunches, you will be asked to complete a request for additional lunches.
School News
Perfect Attendance
Rio del Mar is promoting school attendance and is rewarding students for positive attendance. Each month a student attends school each day for the month, they receive an award and will participate in a special activity. Perfect attendance requires a student to be on time each day of the month…
School News
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