Imagination is what humans have and do naturally. We make pictures and sometimes video clips in our heads. In these coronavirus times, our school organizations are tasked with imagining and then planning for re-opening and redesigning the ways children attend and learn in schools. Our challenges are many and they reside in the space between our imaginations and what we actually learn and are able to do or implement come August 2020. 

This post is less a detailed plan…. It’s an imagination and may help us think about the emergent future in ways that can help us all – educators, support staff, families and children work together to meet the challenge created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Imagine a time when some families will choose to learn in the stay at home independent learning model until there is greater understanding of the health issues of coming to school.

Imagine a time when children learn by coming to school two or three days a week for shorter periods of time than usual school days and then learn at home online and in other ways on the days they are not attending school in person.

Imagine a time when children come to school and when they enter they are screened for health issues and have to wear masks. When they attend learning sessions and classes with less students and social-distanced in both outside and inside learning environments.

Imagine a time when parents, teachers, and children are communicating in new ways and much more often than they used to in normal school days.

Imagine a time when educators, support staff, families, and children realize that we all have to work together (collaborate) by being much more flexible and innovative in creating ways to learn and be safe that work for every child and educator.

Imagine a time when planning and resources need to be allocated carefully so that families and children who already struggle to have equitable access to learning and safety are even more challenged by these corona times.

Imagine a time when families, children, and educators have more choice and more personalizable educational opportunities.

Imagine a time when we find new ways for children to enjoy and learn from social interactions with their friends.

Imagine a time when children play in new ways.

Imagine a time when the arts and freedom of expression are prioritized.

Imagine a time when children get what they need to survive, be resilient and ultimately THRIVE.

Imagine a time when all the people in the community find some peace and the ability to care for themselves, each other, and all children.

Imagine a time when patience, acceptance, empathy, character, courage, and a call to action and learning are the norms.

Imagine a time when children have joy in their lives.

Imagine a time when being outside and learning outside is more healthy and better for learning.

Imagine a time when hope rules.

Imagine a time when the pandemic is over and we have learned to educate children better than we did before the pandemic.

Imagine a time when the role-job-vocation of teaching is more valued and understood than ever before.

Imagine a time that values families, parents, children, and the elderly more than before the pandemic.

Imagine a time when imagination rules.

Imagine a time when creativity is deeply valued and developed.

Imagine a time when caring is the main thing.


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