2nd grade researchers sharing about their skills and quality of being a researcher - Rio Lindo

 Second grade researchers sharing about the skills and qualities necessary to be researchers – Rio Lindo Elementary

Phase I:

Students across grade levels at Rio Lindo Elementary, Rio Real Elementary, and Rio Plaza Elementary Schools are learning the skills and qualities necessary to be researchers. During this first phase of the project, students analyze and learn through grade level appropriate activities, to differentiate between primary and secondary sources as well as analyze closely artifacts, photographs, and documents, providing students a role in determining how to organize their “History Harvest.” Students engage in collaborative groups to formulate their analyses and then provide presentations to the class based on their findings. The pictures in this History Harvest Photo Gallery provide snapshots of the students’ participating in these different lessons and activities as they learn these valuable 21st Century skills that support academic and cultural literacies.

Pictures will continue to be added to the History Harvest Photo Gallery as well as updates on the project in this Blog, so please follow it to learn more about Phase II, which will focus on the sharing of the family oral histories of all the students involved.