Rio District News

Public Notice – Hearing on CSEA Proposal for Reopeners

Pursuant to the provision of Government Code Section 3547, the Governing Board must formally inform the public through a Board Meeting and conduct a public hearing to receive input from the community prior to the initiation of negotiations. Accordingly, a public hearing is scheduled to be held on August 20, 2014 at the Rio School District […]

Request for Proposals – Sale of District Property

The Rio School District Board is requesting proposals for the sale of surplus District property located at 2714 E. Vineyard Avenue, Oxnard, CA.  

VCSTEAMN Colloquium # 3 on SEARCH

The VCSTEAMN Colloquium # 3 on SEARCH was a great success. Mike Vollmert, our Director of Technology, pinch hit for Keynote speaker Andrew Schwab who was ill, and used Andrew’s presentation to set the stage for an excellent evening. We examined SEARCH as a 21st century Literacy, we learned some new Google SEARCH skills, and […]

VCSTEAMN Colloquium# 3 “SEARCH”

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Schwab, CTO, Berryessa Union School District VCSTEAMN search colloquium flier Andrew Schwab is an educator, IT professional and 1:1 evangelist. As a member of the CUE Board of Directors, a CETPA Certified CTO and a Google Certified Teacher, he is active in supporting and growing the edTech community. Andrew can be found on Twitter […]

Public Hearing Williams Notice

  RIO SCHOOL DISTRICT 2500 VINEYARD AVENUE OXNARD, CALIFORNIA NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING RESOLUTION #1314/01 AND CERTIFICATION REGARDING SUFFICIENCY OF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS September 18, 2013 The public is invited to provide input regarding the Sufficiency of Instructional Materials whereby it has been determined the Rio School District has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in reading/language […]